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Successful business owes it’s success to persistence, clear and clean products and services and most definitely to branding.

Our team of expert brand strategists will help you define and refine your company and place your services and/ or products at the very leading edge for your target market and stakeholders. We do this through extensive research, planning and execution of a brand strategy specifically designed for you, your customers and your business.

A solid Marketing plan includes market research, market placement, company character building, company character visual elements, colours, shapes and pattern development which are specifically designed to represent your company in the most effective and efficient way.


The Team

Alex Grant - Managing Director

  Alex comes from a background of IT Support, sales and consulting. Alex has 10+ years experience in the IT Support and consulting industry providing tailored solutions to businesses across their whole infastructure from IT systems right through to websites and branding. Seeing the struggles of his customers to find good quality and affordable branding, the idea for EasyDesigns was born to fill the gap. Alex is driven by the satisfaction of seeing customer's businesses reach their full potential with their IT infastructure and breaking through to their target customers. In his spare time Alex enjoys live music, soccer, gaming and the occasional snowboard trip.

Saba Aghahasan - Design Lead

  Saba is a passionate designer and creative. Having completed a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Graphic Design, she also has an advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. This has given Saba a technical and speed advantage in work process. Saba has been designing for 10 years and takes particular interest in practical design such as Logo design, Business Cards, Flyers. Saba is passionate about helping small business get started with the right designs. In her spare time, Saba enjoys the company of her 3 Dogs and husband in the beautiful Sunny Hawke's Bay.